A new perspective on investing.

Vistria is a next generation private investment firm that operates at the intersection of purpose and profit.
We partner with middle-market businesses in Healthcare, Education and Financial Services that are passionate about growth and committed to the community.
Creating value with more than capital.
A combination of Latin and Greek, “Vistria” means “the power of three.” Our platform leverages our operational, financial and policy expertise, allowing our portfolio companies to reach their full potential by optimizing performance along each dimension.

Vistria is making investments in companies that move the needle and make a difference in advancing social issues in this country.

Bob Parkinson
Investor and Operating Partner, Former Chairman and CEO of Baxter International In Memoriam
We focus on the most impactful sectors.
Our focus on only three industry verticals allows us to look deeper to find opportunities to create value and make for a positive and lasting impact.