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To our Partners – We believe in the pursuit of purpose alongside profit.

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To our Partners –
We believe in the pursuit of purpose alongside profit.

We are glad to see this movement gain momentum, and consensus on the most meaningful impact frameworks evolve. We are committed to continuous improvement on this journey as we work to demonstrate the value of Impact.

No one predicted the dramatic events of 2020, but this challenging year has reinforced our conviction that our investments can and must drive both social value and meaningful returns.

As the world confronts the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic downturn, and unrest resulting from racial injustice, we all need to challenge ourselves to drive positive, lasting solutions for our broader communities. Our decision to invest in the healthcare, education, and financial services sectors was driven by our belief in their strategic importance in any society. Investment in these sectors is more critical now than ever ...

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A New Vision for
Investing in America

Vistria’s Founding Vision

Each year in Vistria’s Impact Report, we share our team’s founding vision, a document that serves as a guiding thesis for the firm and its investments. Today, this document remains a pillar ...

— Our Portfolio

— Our Portfolio

— Our Portfolio

— Our Portfolio

— Our Portfolio

academic partnerships logo

Facilitating online solutions for colleges and universities to help students advance their education and careers.

chiro one logo

Provider of chiropractic and related wellness services for pain management and wellbeing.

agape hospice logo

Provider of quality hospice services for those with life-limiting illness and their families.

mentor network logo

Healthcare and human services providers offering community-based services to adults and children with behavioral and medical challenges.

ais logo

Targeted drug delivery, infusion therapy, and Ophthalmics provider for patients with chronic pain and complex medical conditions.

msi logo

Library management, collection development, and literacy solutions for K-12 schools and public libraries.

alacura logo

Patient-focused transportation benefit management solutions making medical transportation work for everyone.

rock dental logo

Provider of specialty dental services across orthodontics, general and pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery.

angel medflight logo

Fixed-wing (and non-emergent) air medical provider, transporting patients to their next level of care.

st croix logo

Provider of quality hospice services for those with life-limiting illness and their families.

bhg logo

Joint Commission-accredited outpatient opioid use disorder treatment network offering the full spectrum of care for individualized treatment and proven results.

supplemental health care logo

Healthcare staffing and workforce solutions provider, connecting healthcare organizations with skilled medical clinicians.

brookline logo

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional career-focused degree and diploma programs in nursing, healthcare, criminal justice, and business.

treliant logo

Provider of governance, risk, and compliance solutions to global financial institutions.

caremetx logo

Patient access company facilitating patient medication adherence and access to life saving drugs and devices.

unitek logo

Accredited institution of higher education combining unique academic and technical specialties to provide quality education in the areas of healthcare and nursing.

forwardline logo

Lender providing capital access to small businesses with affordable financing.

university of phoenix logo

Undergraduate, graduate, and professional development services primarily for working adult learners.

fullbloom logo

Leading provider of special education and other solutions serving children, K-12 students, school districts, and families.

vanta logo

Global education network with post-secondary and distance education programs to improve and broaden educational options and produce career-ready graduates.

Moving the Needle
on Racial Injustice

Racial Equity Initiatives

Vistria has always believed in the power of diversity and built our team with that in mind. At this important moment, we are investing even more behind diversity and inclusion initiatives ...

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EMPLOYEES supported in 2018

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Our Impact Strategy

Process, Practice, and People

While Impact at Vistria is inherent in our investment strategy, our work looks deeper to capture, understand, and improve the Impact of our investments.

Impact in Action

To view Impact Profiles for Vistria’s portfolio companies, Download our Full Report.

— Healthy — Wealthy — Wise

— Healthy — Wealthy — Wise

— Healthy — Wealthy — Wise

— Healthy — Wealthy — Wise

— Healthy — Wealthy — Wise

Our Sectors

Investing in solutions that scale

We Believe in High-Quality,
Accessible Healthcare

healthcare overview

The U.S. spends more on healthcare than any other OECD country, yet has the lowest life expectancy and the highest suicide rates, chronic disease burden, preventable deaths, and hospitalizations ...

We Believe in Affordable,
Innovative Education

education overview

The United States lacks equitable access to high-quality education at all levels and the achievement gap is widening. While the United States outspends most peer nations ...

We Believe in the Power of
Equitable Access to Capital

financial services overview

Economic mobility, a stable and secure financial system, and an environment that fosters innovation are essential to a thriving, sustainable economy. In the United States, nearly 3 in 10 adults are unable to pay their bills...


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Impact Report

We hope you download our full 2020 Impact Report, which dives deeper into the Impact that our portfolio companies generate for their employees, key stakeholders, and communities. For access to this password-protected report please reach out to [email protected].

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can improve and welcome partnership as we forge ahead with this work. We invite you to please send us your feedback.


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